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Meet our founding organization, CSF Surgery. Created out of the visible need to provide accessible surgical procedures for medically uninsured individuals in need of life saving procedures at a reduced cost.

CSF Surgery breaks the existing gaps in the health system, therefore becoming the BRIDGE that connects uninsured individuals who do not qualify or cannot afford health insurance with medical institutions and surgical services. 

Through alliances and agreements with hospitals, specialist, anesthesiologists, imaging centers, pathologists and other certified professionals, CSF Surgery reduces the cost of surgery and helps make surgical procedures a reality for uninsured individuals.

CSF Surgery patients pay a reduce cost for their surgeries. CSF Surgery reduces up to 80% of the normal surgery cost for the benefit of the uninsured patient.   

CSF Surgery makes a real and lasting change in the lives of individuals all across the US and their families. 

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All surgeries and procedures are done in the following hospitals:

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