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For a Healthy Community, I Walk!

65-year-old Santiago Nieto, a CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation active advocate, will walk for the 5th time from the city of Los Angeles to Bakersfield, a total of 150 miles in 7 days.

A test of determination and perseverance, always sleeping outdoors, battling the weather, and sacrificing all modern comforts, to raise funds and awareness on behalf of medically uninsured essential workers in need of access to basic health care services and medical and surgical procedures.

Farm workers, day laborers, construction workers, waiters, cooks, maids, workers without a contract, temporary employees and those without social protection coverage who work in supply chains are in desperate need to access life-saving surgeries they can’t afford.

CSF Foundation’s 2021 Goals:

  • Aid low-income uninsured individuals with the total or partial cost for their surgeries.
  • Provide medical exams, studies, screenings and lab work at no-cost to uninsured individuals.
  • Facilitate no-cost medical, preventive and specialized health care services for medically marginalized individuals who otherwise cannot attain health care services.

How would the funds be used:
CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation will provide aid exclusively to individuals who qualify under our foundation’s criteria, please refer to Qualifying patients would be directed to medical specialists, affiliated to CSF Foundation, for a complete medical evaluation. Once the patient has been evaluated, if their condition falls under our surgical specialties, then, the patient would be approved and schedule for surgery.
There would be an application process for medical uninsured individuals with a medical diagnostic to apply for their surgeries; for uninsured individuals with no previous diagnostic the application would also include medical and diagnostic exams.
The surgical process will be overviewed by CSF Foundation. Approved applicants will not receive the monetary value of their procedural cost, CSF Foundation will directly pay for the surgical services on behalf of the applicant through agreements with medical institutions, surgeons and hospitals.
CSF Foundation makes know there are certain surgeries outside of our capacity, thus certain conditions would not qualify for surgical aid though this event.

Important Information to Know:

WHO | CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation
WHAT | Walkathon “Por Una Comunidad Sana, ¡Yo Camino!” (For a Healthy Community, I Walk!)
Santiago Nieto will walk 150 miles within 7 days, from Los Angeles to Bakersfield, CA.
WHEN | Friday October 15th, 2021, at 9:00 A.M. to Thursday October 21, 2021, at 4:00 P.M.
WHERE | Consulado Mexicano en Los Angeles: 2401 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057 to CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation: 3811 Mount Vernon Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93306
WHY | Raise funds to aid medically uninsured individuals that are in urgent need of a medical or surgical procedure to save their lives.


THE ROUTE: a complete step by step map of the route that Santiago will walk

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