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“People can change things from where they are”

There are many different ways to give help, you just have to have an altruistic spirit, develop the habit of giving and be determined to achieve your goal.

My goal was and continues to be to seek opportunities to help individuals in medical need, I was fortunate enough to find a life partner whose mission is to “Save Lives”, a successful surgeon with whom I was able to enhance my skills to help patients aside from hard work.

I have lived in the United States since 2011 and every day I am more surprised by the needs that exist when we talk about health, sadly the bureaucracy and the legal system here affect the quality of treatments and the health benefits for patients.

I realized that this problem in individuals who lack health insurance was terrible, I saw the mistreatment of the uninsured, I saw individuals destroy their family finances and even lose their lives for not finding medical help. This continues to surprise me more and more every day. So, very determined, I decided together with my husband to find ways to obtain important medical institutions to help us with these individuals that the system has abandoned.

That is my struggle from where I am, because we all have the right to health and to have a healthy and productive community.

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