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What we do | 

CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, a 501(c)3 is a national non-profit organization that provides aid, advocacy, and community resources to underserved, uninsured, low-income individuals who lack access to affordable health care and the fundamental means necessary for healthy living. 

Our Mission | 

CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation provides support for the under-served communities to improve health equity and promote access to quality health-care. Equitable resource accessibility is a cornerstone of democracy. CSF provides care access regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, social and immigration status to promote the inclusion of community members who are underrepresented at the table of resource allocation. CSF outreach goals and objectives demonstrate genuine concern thereby building healthier and stronger community partnerships that create the conditions for individuals to stay active, productive, and healthy in our community.

Our History | 

The director of CSF Surgery and founder of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, Karla Terrazas, seeing the growing need of the community for access to accessible and affordable comprehensive health, founded CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation with the intention of providing access to medical services, educational and prevention material, as well as resources for the community.

In 2020 we held multiple community benefit events:

  • Emergency Relief Aid S.O.S. COVID-19
  • “For You Farmworker, I Walk!”
  • 3rd Annual “Sharing the Hope” Virtual Health Fair 
  • Three Drive Though Food Distributions  

Through these, CSF provided aid and services to over 7,600 individuals in our area. We aspire to comfort families through their health crises and provide peace of mind associated with the burdens of dealing with the high cost of medical expenses. CSF has committed itself to improve the health and well-being of not only residents of Bakersfield but individuals across California and the US. We advocate on behalf of every patient that walks through our doors. We stand on the principle that everyone is entitled to affordable quality health care regardless of race, color, or citizenship. CSF primary commitment is strengthening communities through advocacy and education.

Our Focus Areas | 

  • Access to affordable medical and surgical care and treatments
  • Health Prevention Education and Chronic Disease Management
  • Case Management and Patient Advocacy
  • Community Resources and Referrals
  • Our Goals | 

  • Provide access to no-cost or significantly reduced-cost required medical surgeries to individuals who are uninsured, medically disenfranchised, and/or low income.
  • Provide access to specialty health care services to uninsured individuals.
  • Expand a network of collaborative partners composed of health professionals, medical organizations and organizations that actively work to improve life in their communities. 
  • Educate the community about prevention and early detection of illnesses to prevent health complications; educate individuals on how to utilize technology to access aid, services, and resources online.

Corporate values


Only together we can create healthier communities.


Working to provide high quality services to improve access to health care.


Providing equity and fairness for all to access health care services regardless of their background.

Our Board of Directors

Karla Terrazas


Dr. Fernando Mata


Mariela Kinn


Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez


Patricia Lico


Norma Gaspar



This is our team that makes a humane and efficient organization possible

Our Administration

Karla Terrazas


Abby Hannah

Executive Assistant


Claudia Ramirez

Marketing and Events Coordinator

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