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Testimony Celestino lopez

I had heard about Dr. Enríquez through a doctor who treated me in Las Vegas, she told me that Dr. Enríquez was a very good General Surgeon, so when I came to visit him, I felt content and when I spoke with him, I felt confident and happy.

I had a very large tumor, it was a burning sensation, it hurt a lot and sometimes it felt like cramps, worse if it was a hot day.

This tumor was like a marble at first, but since it didn’t hurt, I didn’t pay attention to it, later it grew like a lemon and I didn’t pay any attention to it either, it turned like an orange and then like a grapefruit, so I was alarmed and went to the doctor; He told me not to worry that it was fat tissue so I left it, but the tumor spread more and more, the pain was strong so I went to several hospitals, but since I did not have health insurance, they sent me to different places but it was the same thing, they could not attend to me, they did not do that type of surgery, etc. I went to the emergency room where they asked me how much the pain was from 1 to 10 and I said 10 but the final answer was that for them, it was not an emergency… I mean, I could continue with the problem.

Celestino Lopez
Celestino Lppez Tumor
Celestino Tumor

My tumor was growing and spreading further under my arm, it was already like a big ball, I felt depressed, bored and it affected me a lot emotionally.

I want to thank Dr. Enríquez who finally operated me and the entire team at Cirugía Sin Fronteras and its foundation. I would like to have a list of the people who donated to the foundation to pay for my surgery.

My surgery was at Memorial Hospital, I was nervous when I arrived, but I saw that everyone was very nice and professional. Soon I will tell you how I recovered.

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