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My name is Ines, and my problem was severe abdominal pain, sometimes you can’t have health insurance or resources to pay for these expenses.

At the end of November, I heard on the radio that CSF Surgery Foundation was going to have a health fair where they would have several free health exams, besides that a friend told me that he had already gone to that place and that they had helped him and yes, when I went, I was treated wonderfully. Before going I had called for information and when I heard the voice of the person who answered the phone, it seemed very familiar to me as if I had known her for years, but I could not identify her name, only her voice.

When I went to CSF Surgery, I was referred to Irma from CSF Foundation and she arranged everything for me to go get the free health fair exams. I asked for the lady who had answered the phone, but she was busy, so at that time I couldn’t see her. The next time I went I was able to meet her and yes, she read the word of God in church and that gave me a lot of confidence, I knew she had a good heart.

Finally, they made me an appointment with the specialist because the studies revealed stones in my gallbladder. I want to thank Erick who attended me at CSF for his enthusiasm and human warmth. I am pleased and grateful that I am already operated, I put myself in the hands of God and of all the professionals, they operated me at Bakersfield Adventist Hospital, and the service was warm, all very favorable.

Thank you, CSF, keep helping people, there are many who need you because they don’t have the resources.

– Ines –


I am Rebeca Sánchez and I want to give my testimony. I attended a health fair that CSF Foundation held for the first time in 2018 and they did several studies where they detected problems and I was able to treat them. The health fair was a great help for me to improve my health.

Also, through CSF Surgery I was able to have a hernia operation, it was almost an emergency. At the health fair last year, they found a tumor in the thyroid, now I have just had surgery thanks to Dr. Enriquez, who is an excellent person and as a professional not to mention. They treated me very well everywhere, even at Memorial Hospital, the language was not a problem since they use a translator so that we can understand everything.

I had researched how much the hernia surgery would cost me and it was like $60,000, imagine! And to operate my thyroid, I didn’t even investigate because I knew without a doubt that CSF Surgery was the right place.

Thank you very much for all your attention and the help you gave me from the health fair until now, it is priceless what you do, of great help. Also thank you for all your patience and especially Dr. Enriquez.

– Rebeca Sanchez –


My name is Celestino, it all started in 2009 with a small ball on my left arm, I didn’t pay much attention to it. It grew and I decided to go to the doctor. At first, they told me not to worry that it was a ball of meat. But the ball kept growing and since I don’t have health insurance, I couldn’t go to the doctors as much. My salary is $6.00 an hour, I can’t afford insurance, I barely make enough money to live.

Time went by, but 3 years ago I started to feel that it was growing faster and faster. At first it was like a baseball, and it grew larger than a football. I felt pressure on my arm, a lot of pain and cramps.

One year ago, I went to see the doctor and they told me that I needed surgery but that it was going to cost me a lot of money. I went to 3 different hospitals, none of them wanted to treat me, even in a hospital they discriminated against me. When I was in the hospital bed, the nurse was giving me medicine and then the doctor came and said “No, no, no, I already told you that we will not do the operation here” and it was a large hospital where they can do my surgery, But they didn’t accept me and they sent me to another place where the first thing they asked me was also insurance “if you don’t have insurance we can’t help you” they told me.

I went to another hospital where they kept me for 3 days, I thought they were finally going to do the surgery, but they didn’t do anything, finally they told me that they didn’t have a surgeon who would do that type of surgery. They sent me with another letter to the Hospital of UMC, I went and gave them the referral they gave me, but they did not want to help me either. I went to other different places, they all told me that they couldn’t help me, and they gave me phone numbers where to call. I had been suffering and enduring pain. I was desperate because they had told me that I had to remove the tumor since it seemed it was the beginning of cancer, a sarcoma. I work in a restaurant, and it bothered me a lot, when I got close to heat it would start to burn, hurt, and stab sensation.

Thanks to Dr. Edgeworth, she recommended me CSF Surgery, she told me “I want to help you, I know that this tumor is dangerous and growing.” The doctor said that the tumor was close to the heart and that it was going towards the back and through the lungs. She told me about Dr. Enriquez, I had heard about him, she told me that Dr. Enriquez was a very good surgeon, so when I came to visit him and spoke with him, I felt confident and happy.

I want to thank Dr. Jorge Enriquez who finally operated me and the entire team at Cirugía Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation, who also helped me financially. My surgery was at Memorial Hospital, I was nervous when I arrived, but I saw that everyone was very nice and professional, I was reassured. Soon I will update you on my recovery.

-Celestino López-


I needed surgery and had sought help, but they treated me and did nothing. I found out how much the procedure would cost me, and it was too expensive for me, I was never going to be able to afford it.

A friend told me about CSF Surgery, I decided to go and find out, the price of my surgery with them which seemed reasonable to me, it was something that I could gather with effort.

At CSF they also gave me the option to apply to CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation to help me pay for part of my surgery. My son Jorge helped me fill out the application, it was not a complicated process for me. I am a single person, and the truth we needed this help a lot. When I received the letter with the answer that they were going to help me with part of the money for my surgery, I felt very relieved. This foundation is very good help to people like me who do not have health insurance and low economic resources. They treated me very well and instantly sent me to the specialist. Dr. Srinivas checked me and advised me about surgery.

My surgery was at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital where the nurses and secretaries treated me very well, helped me fill out papers and explained the steps to follow before surgery perfectly well. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Srinivas came to explain my surgery. I am very grateful to her.

Today I feel perfect, as if I have rejuvenated. The illness I had prevented me from doing things, I couldn’t even walk and today I already feel very well.

I am very grateful to the organization and the foundation that helped me with the cost of my surgery.

I encourage anyone who needs help to call. I do not get tired nor will I, of giving thanks.

-Tereza Ruiz-


I’m from Bakersfield, and I heard about you from a friend. She told me that the foundation was helping people who had been affected by the pandemic, I also saw you on Facebook and on the news. So, I went to CSF ​​and they gave me the application for help. Filled out my application and took it. Then they called me because I qualified for financial assistance.

My husband lost his job, he has anxiety and depression, and I worked in the fields and also stopped working.

I am very grateful with CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation for having helped me, I want people to know that this help was true, they told me that it was not going to be, but it was real, and I am very grateful to everyone, thank you very much, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I heard about CSF Surgery in my community clinic, when they told me I had a tumor and had to operate. I did not know what to do because I did not have the resources to pay.

Thank God, the social workers at the clinic told me that there was this organization (CSF Surgery), I got in touch with them, and it has been a success. I will have my surgery and besides, they are helping me financially.

CSF Surgery has a foundation, CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, and I applied for help during this COVID-19 crisis.

I thank the founder of the foundation and all the staff of CSF Surgery and CSF Foundation; they are a great support for me in these times of great need.

When the pandemic began to worsen, they told us that a farmworker foundation was going to offer an economic stimulus for the affected people who work in the fields and I was very happy. It turns out that from that day the foundation put the information so we would call to give us the economic stimulus, they did not answer us, until I lost hope.

Now I am very happy because I am receiving help from CSF Foundation and this is going to help me a lot.

The process of time since I found out and applied for the economic relief program of CSF Foundation S.O.S. COVID-19 until I received the aid was about a week, it is something incredible and very beautiful from all of you.

I have no words to thank you, I can only pray to God for you, to give you a lot of strength to continue doing this. Thanks CSF.


My name is Ana Cruz, COVID-19 has been very hard for us farmers, it has affected us a lot because there are almost no jobs. They cut our hours and we are a few people who are still working, now we do it by taking measures, such as distance and masks.

I want to thank the CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation very much for the financial help that you are giving us. This for us is a great help, because we will pay the rent and some bills.

We are very grateful to the CSF Foundation for giving us this help.


My name is Mario Alvarado, I am from the city of Inglewood, CA. I have called other foundations and organizations that are giving help for this COVID-19 situation and nothing has happened, they do not even answer you. I heard from you on the Mandril Show, he mentioned this support and quickly call. Abby answered and she was very kind, she explained everything to me, and I thought “well, is this going to be real?”. Filled out my application and now I come for the financial help they gave me, and I thank them with all my heart!

COVID-19 negatively affected my life at work. I work for several people in construction, especially doing interiors. Due to COVID-19, all the people are at home with their children, and they canceled all the projects. Last month I worked about eight days and some friends helped me with my rent, but this month I have not been able to. I have tried to look for work, but now people do not want to do anything at home. I have not been able to save for rent, I have my two babies and my wife takes care of them and does not work. I do not like to ask anyone for anything, I like to fight for what is mine, but sadly this disease affected us in everything.

I am very grateful to the CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation because I believe that they are where they need to be. They are really helping people which is something that everyone needs. May God multiply you, bless you from now on.


My name is Victorino Morales, some neighbors who heard from some coworkers about the economic relief program that CSF Foundation was giving provided us with the application.

This year my family and I had many plans, with the pandemic we ran out of our savings, we had to spend them on food, rent, bills and the truth is it has affected us a lot. Since the quarantine began, we were all fired from work, we are more than 25 people that were laid off in a dry cleaner and I have not been able to work since (2 months).

I am very surprised; I have no words to express how excited I am to know that this foundation is helping me. I never thought that I would be a beneficiary. I thank the CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation for helping us at this time. We as undocumented persons that do not have access to any of the federal benefits granted by the state and/or other organizations for COVID-19.

May God bless you and may you continue to support more families, more people, who really need it.


My name is Jacinto Tinoco, I am from Lamont, CA, the impact of COVID-19 in my life has been great because it affected us at work, there is depression, fear and we have become a little tense and stressed.

To CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, I really appreciate their help, because it has been a relief to receive this help, we have been able to pay and cover expenses. We are happy that there are foundations that care about people that we really need it.

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