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My name is Eva Valdovinos, I am from Arvin, CA. COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress, depression, fear, fear of everyone, fear of this disease, fear for work, for my children, for everything.

At work everything fell apart, we just don’t know if we will continue working. From March until now I am still not working (2 months). I have had to obtain food stamps, use coupons, manage myself, and have been seeking help


I am very grateful to CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation for supporting us financially and helping many people. Thank you all very much and we hope in God everything is fixed and that they continue to be blessed, that they continue to help more people, I am very grateful.


My name is Carlos Alberto Erazo. The negative impact that the Coronavirus has had in my life has been very disastrous and regrettable, I have been not working for about four months now, the place where I worked had to withdraw its employees. Also, for fear of infecting my wife, I have been locked up without going out. This situation has prevented me from looking for work, I have no income of any kind, nothing.

I want to say thank you very much to CSF ​​Medical Non-Profit Foundation, really thank you very much in the name of God. Because they have helped me. I cannot express the gratitude that I have with you, now when I am most in need, you offer me your hand. Thank you very much, God bless you.


My name is Silvia Tamayo, I would like to share my experience with my cancer process. I found help through the health fair that CSF Foundation organizes every year. A coworker gave me a health fair brochure. I had a mammogram, and it came out abnormal. A CSF medical advisor contacted me, they referred me to Dr. Enriquez, and they did a second study that came out abnormal and was recommended that I do a biopsy. They then confirmed that I had cancer. I did not know and did not have the means to go to the doctor, I did not have insurance, and through the health fair I had the opportunity to treat myself. Thank God they found my case in time.

CSF Surgery and Links for Life took care of everything, I did not have to pay for follow-up exams. I am immensely grateful to them, to all the staff who attended me, to my coworker and to God. Dr. Enriquez said that the health fair was worth it because they found me. A year ago, I had a mammogram that was abnormal, the study was redone, and the doctor said I had nothing. When Dr. Enriquez examined me, he told me that my problem was not new, that the tumor had already had time to grow. I think they didn’t do a follow up for not having health insurance a year ago. I will always have that doubt. I think there are many women who are in the same condition.

When they told me I had cancer, I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown at me. I’m just assimilating it, I already had my surgery, thank God, it is very difficult to assimilate when you are told you have cancer, I never in my life thought that I would be in this situation. I do not have a history of breast cancer in my family, it was not the first time that a mammogram was abnormal, and I did not worry, the surprise was that cancer was positive. I encourage all people to take care of themselves on time, even if they do not have a history of cancer in their family and do not have health insurance, take the opportunity when there are free events, in my experience you will find help.

I do not have insurance, CSF made the entire process from the mammogram, biopsy and with Dr. Enríquez accessible to me. The price is also affordable. 

My surgery was at Memorial Hospital, they treated me very good, all very professional. I had no problem with the language, or with the fact of not having health insurance, CSF Surgery took care of everything. Thank you, I was very satisfied with the work that the doctor did, his staff, they are very understanding people who try to help you as much as they can. I thank Dr. Enríquez, Cirugia Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation. I am very grateful to Dr. Enríquez, Cirugia Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation and everyone who was part of my healing.


I had heard about Dr. Enríquez through a doctor who treated me in Las Vegas, she told me that Dr. Enríquez was a very good General Surgeon, so when I came to visit him, I felt content and when I spoke with him, I felt confident and happy.

I had a very large tumor, it was a burning sensation, it hurt a lot and sometimes it felt like cramps, worse if it was a hot day.

This tumor was like a marble at first, but since it didn’t hurt, I didn’t pay attention to it, later it grew like a lemon and I didn’t pay any attention to it either, it turned like an orange and then like a grapefruit, so I was alarmed and went to the doctor; He told me not to worry that it was fat tissue so I left it, but the tumor spread more and more, the pain was strong so I went to several hospitals, but since I did not have health insurance, they sent me to different places but it was the same thing, they could not attend to me, they did not do that type of surgery, etc. I went to the emergency room where they asked me how much the pain was from 1 to 10 and I said 10 but the final answer was that for them, it was not an emergency… I mean, I could continue with the problem.

Celestino Lopez
Celestino Lppez Tumor
Celestino Tumor

My tumor was growing and spreading further under my arm, it was already like a big ball, I felt depressed, bored and it affected me a lot emotionally.

I want to thank Dr. Enríquez who finally operated me and the entire team at Cirugía Sin Fronteras and its foundation. I would like to have a list of the people who donated to the foundation to pay for my surgery.

My surgery was at Memorial Hospital, I was nervous when I arrived, but I saw that everyone was very nice and professional. Soon I will tell you how I recovered.


My name is Fabiola Hernández. I found out about Surgery Without Borders on the radio and from an acquaintance who helped at CSF.

Due to my legal situation, I could not have health insurance and without it, my surgery was very expensive, and I had no way to pay for it. When I arrived at CSF Foundation the process was very fast, the appointment with the specialist and then the surgery. The foundation helped me pay more than half the cost of my surgery, I paid very little.

My surgery was at Memorial Hospital. The doctor who operated me is Dr. Sharma. The first time I met the Doctor he told me, “Don’t worry anymore, I’m going to help you here.” He was very kind, he made me feel confident, and that everything would be fine.

Before arriving at CSF, another doctor had seen me and he told me that, even if I had health insurance, he would not perform the surgery because I was obese, and he would not risk my not resisting the anesthesia.

The process of applying to CSF ​​Medical Non-Profit Foundation was very simple, fast and easy. When I was called to let me know that I had been approved for financial aid I felt relieved and happy, I am the mother of a girl and she and I were suffering from not being able to pay for the surgery, we both felt that we could breathe again.

Faviola Hernandez 2
Foto - Fabiola Hernandez

I want to thank Dr. Sharma for having that vocation to help people, always smiling and giving us the confidence of feeling that there are still doctors with a kind heart.

At Memorial Hospital they took great care of me. They never asked me if I had health insurance or about my legal status, they knew everything about my case and treated me like any patient with health insurance, they even called me later to see how I was recovering.

To CSF my respects. They help too much, my commitment now is that whenever I can, I will give a small donation. There are too many people who do not have health insurance and in CSF Surgery they help us, so if we can help, we have to help.

The two times that I have gone to the consultation after my surgery, everything has been very well, now I can do things that I could not do before. I sleep comfortably and pain free at night. My emotional state has improved, my daughter says that I smiled again. I am a normal person again.

The disease affected me a lot at work, sometimes I had to go home because of how bad the pain and bleeding was, and I could practically not work a full eight-hour shift because I could not walk much.

I want to thank CSF Medial Non-Profit Foundation, for all the effort they do. For getting sponsors and donations. We hope they always continue like this.

I ask people who read this testimonial to donate to CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation because they really help a lot. With a bit of help that we all put in, there will be a lot of people who can be helped.


My name is Laura Torres I am 46 years old. I have diabetes and for 10 years I have been struggling with cataracts in both of my eyes. I have no money, no health insurance for the surgery.

I want to be able to move on and work, I need to be healthy to help my children with their schooling, they are the most important thing for me.

Through Clinica Sierra Vista and thanks to a nurse who works there I found CSF, and I am very grateful. I was very afraid of losing my sight completely.

I decided to apply to the Foundation of CSF Surgery from where after a while they called me to tell me that I qualified for financial aid. I remember that I was at work and shouted from the emotion that I felt, my colleagues asked me what had happened, and I told them that soon they would operate me and I would see better again.

Now my surgery is over, and I am healthy, I feel very good. I want to thank everyone who made my dream possible, thanks to Clinica Sierra Vista for telling me about CSF Foundation. Thank God I see even more! (Laughter) Thank you to all the donors because without them, I could not have had my surgery. Thank you all very much, God bless you. And you too should say help us!

-Laura Torres-

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