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Testimony Mario Alvarado S.O.S. COVID-19


My name is Mario Alvarado, I am from the city of Inglewood, CA. I have called other foundations and organizations that are giving help for this COVID-19 situation and nothing has happened, they do not even answer you. I heard from you on the Mandril Show, he mentioned this support and quickly call. Abby answered and she was very kind, she explained everything to me, and I thought “well, is this going to be real?”. Filled out my application and now I come for the financial help they gave me, and I thank them with all my heart!

COVID-19 negatively affected my life at work. I work for several people in construction, especially doing interiors. Due to COVID-19, all the people are at home with their children, and they canceled all the projects. Last month I worked about eight days and some friends helped me with my rent, but this month I have not been able to. I have tried to look for work, but now people do not want to do anything at home. I have not been able to save for rent, I have my two babies and my wife takes care of them and does not work. I do not like to ask anyone for anything, I like to fight for what is mine, but sadly this disease affected us in everything.

I am very grateful to the CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation because I believe that they are where they need to be. They are really helping people which is something that everyone needs. May God multiply you, bless you from now on.

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