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Testimony Beatriz Lopez S.O.S. COVID 19

I heard about CSF Surgery in my community clinic, when they told me I had a tumor and had to operate. I did not know what to do because I did not have the resources to pay.

Thank God, the social workers at the clinic told me that there was this organization (CSF Surgery), I got in touch with them, and it has been a success. I will have my surgery and besides, they are helping me financially.

CSF Surgery has a foundation, CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, and I applied for help during this COVID-19 crisis.

I thank the founder of the foundation and all the staff of CSF Surgery and CSF Foundation; they are a great support for me in these times of great need.

When the pandemic began to worsen, they told us that a farmworker foundation was going to offer an economic stimulus for the affected people who work in the fields and I was very happy. It turns out that from that day the foundation put the information so we would call to give us the economic stimulus, they did not answer us, until I lost hope.

Now I am very happy because I am receiving help from CSF Foundation and this is going to help me a lot.

The process of time since I found out and applied for the economic relief program of CSF Foundation S.O.S. COVID-19 until I received the aid was about a week, it is something incredible and very beautiful from all of you.

I have no words to thank you, I can only pray to God for you, to give you a lot of strength to continue doing this. Thanks CSF.

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