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Testimony Ines

My name is Ines, and my problem was severe abdominal pain, sometimes you can’t have health insurance or resources to pay for these expenses.

At the end of November, I heard on the radio that CSF Surgery Foundation was going to have a health fair where they would have several free health exams, besides that a friend told me that he had already gone to that place and that they had helped him and yes, when I went, I was treated wonderfully. Before going I had called for information and when I heard the voice of the person who answered the phone, it seemed very familiar to me as if I had known her for years, but I could not identify her name, only her voice.

When I went to CSF Surgery, I was referred to Irma from CSF Foundation and she arranged everything for me to go get the free health fair exams. I asked for the lady who had answered the phone, but she was busy, so at that time I couldn’t see her. The next time I went I was able to meet her and yes, she read the word of God in church and that gave me a lot of confidence, I knew she had a good heart.

Finally, they made me an appointment with the specialist because the studies revealed stones in my gallbladder. I want to thank Erick who attended me at CSF for his enthusiasm and human warmth. I am pleased and grateful that I am already operated, I put myself in the hands of God and of all the professionals, they operated me at Bakersfield Adventist Hospital, and the service was warm, all very favorable.

Thank you, CSF, keep helping people, there are many who need you because they don’t have the resources.

– Ines –

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